Social Bookmarking And Making a Success Of Your Internet Blog!


Social Networks better know as Social Bookmarking sites are the modern example of the old story tellers.

You may be more familiar with the names of some of the already-hot social bookmarking sites than you are the actual mechanics of the

Stripped down to its core, social bookmarking is a means by which a group can categorize and locate information based on it’s own evolving taxonomy. In other words, it’s very collaborative and a little unstructured.

Users “tag” content and the content is “bookmarked” for all to see based on those tags. That kind of information categorization is
sometimes referred to as “folksonomy,” a hybrid word referring to regular “folks” and “taxonomy,” a method of organization.

The whole process is incredibly democratic and has grown fast.

Whereas the search engines use top-down approach to sorting and filing data (the program algorithm shows people what it “thinks”), social bookmarking is a bottom-up, grass roots system wherein users tell other users what they think and something of a consensus eventually forms.

To those new to the idea, that may sound like information organization anarchy. In a way, it is rather chaotic. That’s its greatest pitfall,
in fact.

However, social bookmarking systems actually perform quite well over time. Organizational patterns naturally develop and the constant human editorial “touch” creates a level of certainty and is grounded in user expectations.

Social bookmarking works as a method of organizing, and providing access to, information. Remember, in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

Its popularity, however, isn’t just in its ability to make information retrieval easier. There is also an almost subconscious attraction to
the community participation and the very human nature of the entire process.

Although people use social bookmarking as a way of finding what they want, they also develop an interest and attachment to the
process that makes them less likely to utilize other methods.

It’s no coincidence that the rise of social bookmarking is happening
alongside the growing popularity of blogging, easy
self-publication makes everyone a webmaster and participation in social bookmarking brings people together as a functioning community.

The line of people joining that community has grown into literally millions. Are you ready to set up shop there, or will you just let that potential customer base wander away from you?

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